light-465350_640The season of Christmas and New Year has been over and now it’s time to redirect yourself towards your regular lifestyle. Many of you may possess the hobby of book reading as your regular schedule and for those book lovers; here is the list of 6 books you should not miss the chance to read in 2016.

Innocents and others by Dana Spiotta

This is a story of a teenager who bored the determination of becoming film-maker. Also available in kindle format, see kindle comparison, for the best advice on Kindles. For this reason, she left Los Angeles and set up a makeshift studio in New York. Her first film won a jury prize. Her deep desire of documenting ambiguity made her tell the story of a woman who seduces strong men through phone calls. This interesting and mesmerizing novel will definitely entertain you on every page.

Don DeLillo, Zero K

This 17th novel of the writer introduces a story of Jeffrey Lockhart and his father Ross who is a billionaire. The meeting of the father and son takes in a place where second wife of Ross is about to being drifting. Here the father is looking for better medical advances for healing her while the son searches the way to reconnect with his father. This is completely a story describing nature of time and money standards.

My name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth strout

This is the fifth novel of strout introduces young Lucy Barton who is lying on the hospital bed for about nine weeks in 1980s. She is in strange condition where she misses her family; husband and two daughters. The interesting part of the story is when her mother comes to meet her and tells her stories which are never heard before.

The queen of the night by Alexander Chee

This novel is about the story of a queen from the 19th century, inspired by Jenny Lind, Paris Soprano. This is a story about the gifted daughter of Minnesota settlers, voice of whom was considered as a curse. The orphan daughter travelled to Paris where she survived as the maid of empress, hippodrome rider, courtesan and ultimately as an opera singer. This story is mysterious, interesting and lyrical jewel.

The Churchill factor by Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, a popular writer of history works as the eccentric mayor of London mainly. His latest creation, the Churchill factor mentions stories from the Second World War, illustrating the lifestyle of that time. The art of the author comes on the light when he is successful in maintaining interest and curiosity in the novel all over even it’s all about history.

The good Spy; the life and death of Robert Ames

Another lovely piece from history which is must read in 2016 is the good spy by Kai Bird. This book also covers the historical time about involvement of US in the Middle East since Second World War. This is basically the biography of Robert Ames, CIA officer.

So, this is the list of top interesting books to read in 2016. Are you ready to make space for them in your book shelves now?